We want to welcome you on an adventure through the internet to beautiful Guatemala a land of many different people groups and languages from the metropolitan city to the country side and the villages who are ancestors of the Mayans. See image of National Palace

Guatemala is also known as the Land of Eternal Spring for its rich culture and vast green forest land, from rain forests to tropical ocean groves to highlands full of evergreens; this is truly a special land located just south of Mexico, west of Belize and north of Honduras & El Salvador. And so we welcome you to this country that the Lord has created, Guatemala, Central America. See More Information on Guatemala

Mayan Peoples: The Mayan empire of the old world order was primarily situated in Guatemala, Southern Mexico and extreme north of Honduras, with some living in El Salvador. There are presently 21 spoken languages primarily in rural areas along with 2 non-Mayan Amerindian languages not including the primary language of Spanish. In some places of the country, primarily the high lands, you can still find villages that have very little contact with the outside world. The Mayan peoples are very talented with making many kinds of items that are very brightly colored and most if not all are made by hand.

The country: Guatemala is divided up into 22 provinces and each province and area of the country is a little different in the landscape and climate. You have the coast lands that in the pacific have the banana, orange and other fruit plantations along with sugar cane. The middle lands which consist of in the North the rain forests, in the South East the dry lands, the Caribbean coast is very hot and humid and is also home to the Garinagu people group. The Garinagu (singular Garifuna) are an ethnic group of mixed ancestry who live primarily along the Caribbean Coast in Nicaragua and Honduras including the mainland, and on the island of Roatán. On the West side of the country are the mountains with the cool fresh air of the highlands, temperatures that at times, in certain places can drop below freezing.

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